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Greyhound Welfare

Greyhound Welfare is at the heart of everything we do at Lifford Stadium

Greyhound Welfare at Lifford Stadium

It is our passion to ensure that welfare is a priority for every greyhound that races at Lifford.


Greyhound owners and trainers put their trust in us to facilitate their greyhounds passion for the thrill of competitive chase in as safe an environment as possible for these magnificent athletes that can reach speeds of 40 mph

Greyhound Safety @ Lifford Stadium


Safe Track Design

Ergonomically designed racing circuit which allows the greyhounds to run as safely as possible, at speed.


Expert Track Preparation

Experienced & knowledgable Ground Staff diligently prepare the track surface using processes such as watering & plating to optimise it for the racing greyhounds.


Regulated System

All owners & trainers operate under a strictly regulated system


On-Site Vet

A fully qualified vet and Control Steward are on site for all race meetings

Irish Retired Greyhound Trust

When greyhounds retire from racing, Lifford Stadium works closely with Irish Retired Greyhound Trust to facilitate the rehoming of greyhounds that aren’t being kept by their owners as pets. Every winning owner makes a donation to the IGRT, which helps fund the retirement of ex-racers.

Greyhound Traceability

We work with owners to ensure that Greyhound Racing Ireland’s Traceability Database is updated so that the whereabouts of all greyhounds is recorded, whether they are racing or retired.

A Night at the Races

From arriving at the track until returning home, we give you an insight into a night at the races for a typical greyound.  Click below to open leaflet kindly provided by GBGB,

Some of Our Retired Greyhounds

Genie - Skinny Genes

Skinny Genes (Feb 10) will be 13 in a few weeks. After winning a race in Lifford in 2013 she continued her racing career in England.

Then she returned back to Ireland where she raced again at Lifford in 2014.

She is still enjoying retirement with her owner in Northern Ireland.

Cherry - Allen Cherry

Cherry raced at Lifford 12 times in 2012/13 and is now happily re-homed and loving life with her racing owners daughter

Katie - Tyrgal Katie

Katie is the little one at the front, pictured with her mum. She broke her leg at a few weeks old and was never able to race.  After being given all the required  medical attention  Katie stayed with her trainer and has been a loyal pet and part of the family ever since.

She is currently living a very contented life with her owners

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