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Greyhound Ownership

Enjoy the thrill of greyhound ownership

Owning a racing greyhound can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience, for individuals, partnerships or groups of friends.

If you are new to greyhound ownership we can guide you throughout the process and help you to make the best choices for your circumstances.

See our key information below and feel free to contact us at any time.

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Types of greyhound ownership

There are three basic type of ownerships

A Syndicate

A syndicate is very popular way into greyhound ownership,  Costs are shared amongst the members and it can provide a great social occassion for syndicate members to get together and enjoy a night at the dogs supporting their own runner.  One nominated member will be allocated as the contact point for the syndicate and the syndicate will register a name which will appear on the raceard.


In a partnership you will purchase a greyhound with one other owner and both names will appear on the racecard as the official owners


In this case you are the sole owner of the greyhound, you will have responsibility for purchase costs and all bills.  Your name will appear as the owner on the racecard and you will receive all prizemoney 

Choosing a Trainer


Most greyhound owners will select a trainer to look after their greyhound.  The greyhound will stay full time with the trainer and the owners will be able to visit and be kept fully up to date on progres.

There are two types of trainers

Public Trainer

Public Trainers can hold unlimited numbers of greyhounds provided they have suitable facilities. They must submit details monthly of their greyhounds in training to the GRI Regulations Department and they automatically receive a 10% share of prizemoney won by greyhounds they train. Owners can designate the other 90% to their Private Trainer if they wish.

Private Trainer

Private Trainers can hold up to 4 greyhounds for reward. Unlike the Public Trainers, they are not required to submit details monthly to the GRI Regulations Department but they are required to inform them or a Racing Manager if a greyhound enters or leaves their kennels. Owners cannot nominate their Private Trainer to receive prizemoney.

Factors to consider 

  • Location – consider your trainers location and their regular tracks, along with your preferred racing location.
  • Welfare – talk to your trainer about their welfare standards and be satisfied that they adhere to the highest level of care.
  • Visit – if you can, take in a visit to the trainer at their kennels / training facility to get a feeling for how they work and how things work there.
  • Personality – like any good working relationship it’s important that you and your trainer have a good relationship.
  • Experience – do you want a more experienced trainer or would you prefer to work with a smaller or up and coming trainer? Both will have their own benefits, so consider what’s important to you.

If required, we can provide details of registered public and private trainers who race at Lifford Stadium.


Buying your greyhound

Having decided on your ownership type and chosen a trainer, it is now time to purchase your greyhound.

Greyhounds are typically purchased at one of the following stages

  • As a pup – this is very young greyhound with no formal training for their racing career or racing experience for you to view.
  • As a sapling – this a young greyhound who has not yet raced but may be in training for their future racing career.
  • As a race dog – this is a greyhound that already has racing experience on the track. Buying a race dog means that you will have some knowledge of their racing abilities or potential.

Greyhounds can be purchased directly from breeders and trainers or there a regular greyhound auctions in Ireland where you can get to see the greyhounds trials before the auction begins.  A list of upcoming public auctions can be viewed here https://www.grireland.ie/racing/sales-auctions/ 

We are happy to discuss your options for purchasing a greyhound and keen to help in any way we can.

Registering your Greyhound

When buying a greyhound you must complete the necessary change of ownership paperwork to allow the regulatory bodies to maintain up to date details of the ownership of all greyhounds.

Part of the fun of owning your own racing greyhound is that you get to choose a name for it.

If you are purchasing a young greyhound that has not been named, you can chose your own name, provided you stay within the guidelines of the Irish Coursing Club who are responsible for managing all registrations. 

If you purchase a greyhound that is already racing, it will already have racing name.  Many people will keep the same name and others like use a name of their own choice.  If is usually possible to re-name a racing greyhound when purchasing it, again, within the registration guidelines.

We are very happy to help any new owners with this process and will guide you through completing all necessary paper work, ensuring your greyhound ownership journey gets off to the best possible start.


Let Us Help

Staff at Lifford Stadium will be very happy to help anyone who is interested in getting involved in greyhound ownership.

We can make sure that you understand the required steps such as

  • registering your syndicate
  • finding your trainer
  • purchasing your greyhound
  • naming your greyhound
  • registering for prizemoney payments
  • any other questions that you might have

Please feel free to contact the Racing Manager via email on rm@liffordstadium.com or complete the contact form below and we will be very happy to help.

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