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Tote Betting at Lifford

Tote betting at Lifford is a fantastic option for all our customers on track and is also available online at Tote.co.uk and Tote.ie

  • Our innovative ‘low retention’ model means that the Tote takes a much reduced cut from the pools, leaving much better value for punters.
  • The standard unit for a Tote bet is €1 or £1, you can bet in either currency on track.
  • Bets can be placed in any multiple of €1
  • Winning dividends are declared for a €1 stake, so if your bet is for €10, you will receive the dividend x 10.


Opening night at Lifford Stadium


These are two very simple options

Win and Place bets can be placed for €1/£1 or any multiple of that.

Select a dog to win the race and if it wins you win

Select a dog to finish first or second, again if your selection is first or second you win

Each Way
An each-way bet includes a Win and a Place, and is actually two bets.

So, for example,  a €1 Each-Way bet would cost €2 in total




1The Exacta, also know as the Forecast, involves selecting two runners to finish first and second in the correct order.

Straight Forecast/Exacta

A straight forecast bet can be placed for €1 or for any multiple of that, for example €5, €10 etc and involves selecting a dog to finish first and another dog to finish second.

Reversed Forecast/Exacta
A reversed forecast involves picking two dogs to finish first and second in any order.  This is actually  two bets, so for example, a €1 Reversed Forecast would cost €2.

Combination Forecast
A combination forecast involves choosing a number of dogs and if any two of them finish in first two places you will collect.

For example, selecting 3 dogs, will result in 6 bets to cover all possible combinations, and €1 Combination forecast will cost 6 x €1 = €6



The Trifecta or Trio involves choosing three dogs to finish in the first three places.

Straight Trio

A straight Trifecta is one bet and can be placed for €1 or any multiple of that.  This involves selecting three dogs to finish first, second and third in the correct order.

Combination/All Ways Trio

A popular Tote bet is the combination or ‘all ways’ Trifecta, where you choose three dogs to finish in the first three places, in any order.

A combination trio with 3 selections equates to 6 bets, so a €1 Combination or All Ways Trio will cost €6

A combination with 4 selections will equate to 24 bets, so a €1 combination trio with four selections will cost €24

Any of our Tote staff will be very happy to answer any questions regarding the various bets